Student’s Testimonials

NAME: Subbu Vutla

CA-IPCC All India 14th Rank, May 2014

CA-Final All India 38th Rank, May 2017

School: P. Obul Reddy Public School

Rahul sir’s approach to the subject is quite unique, which perhaps, you may not see anywhere else. We have always wondered how he manages to make the toughest subjects so simple for us, that you start enjoying practicing them. His readiness to solve our doubts anytime stands as a testimony to his commitment to teaching. Being the best himself, he tries to bring out the best in each one of us, inspiring us to work to our fullest potential right from day one. More than a lecturer, he is a friend who guides us, who can change our attitude towards the course.

P.S: I can only describe the teacher in him because I have no words to describe what a genius he is. I am sure, you wouldn’t too if you have seen him teach.



NAME: Yagna Agarwal

School: Oakridge International School

Coming from a science background, I was extremely skeptical about doing CA. When I met Rahul sir and Naman sir, they gave me the morale and confidence to take up the challenge and started off my journey from CPT at RCA. They gave me such good backing, out the sessions mentoring and made me believe that I could really do it. That’s what mattered the most. Apart from having a logical and example-driven approach to all the subjects, every teacher has helped me thoroughly understand the concepts. I’m powered by the ability to think and it’s truly because of the approach to the subjects. From teachers to family, from CPT to CA Final, the transition has been immense. I’ve been able to get the best of the scores and fairest of the knowledge, this is only because I’d been motivated to execute. From Making schedules for exam prep to asking how to write and present my answers, for the smallest of my questions I’m encouraged to ask. My Sirs and Ma’am’s are the go-to people for anything. (From articles interviews to knowing more about finance). It goes without saying, Class sessions are interactive and fun, that’s the reason going to class is never boring. My friends and I actually look forward to it.

It’s really awesome to be part of the RCA family. I have profoundly cherished all my moments spent there!



Name: Diva Khushlani

School: Nasr School

RCA has been life-changing for me where the most complex concepts are made extremely interesting. It’s a place which instills in you the confidence that nothing is too hard to achieve if you have the determination, sincerity, and passion for what you do. It ensures that its students contribute positively to the profession and constantly strive to learn more.



Name: Sanjanaa Subramanian

School: Chinmaya Vidyalaya

College: St. Francis Degree College

CA-IPCC All India Rank 18, May 2017

Feedback – RCA is more about conceptual knowledge and not just the syllabus. A good classroom environment coupled with friendly and approachable faculty makes learning all the more enjoyable.




Name: Gaurav Jhawar

College: St. Mary’s

When it comes to learning with Fun, classes at RCA are undoubtedly the best. Their passion towards the subject is reflected in their teaching style. The detailed explanations, conceptual clarity and plentiful examples helped me gain an in-depth understanding of the subject. Even in the class full of students, personal attention is given to every student which is appreciable.

It is a general observation that Institute’s examination question paper is based on similar problems as solved in the class. Explanation of real and practical examples in class help us not only during the exams but beyond!



Atul Daga

School: Bhavans Sainikpuri

CA-IPCC All India Rank 31 – May 2017

For me, RCA has redefined the definition for a coaching institute, it’s vision is above from being a typical CA coaching academy and has a firm belief in the fun of learning. It proves that CA isn’t a boring course as a day at RCA rejuvenates me to achieve my goals and reach the star that I have sighted. Endless support and complete dedication to making your goals theirs. RCA has shown me my true potential. Technically speaking, they have a concept-driven approach with real life application rather than have an exam-oriented approach. In short, the decision to join RCA has been life-changing.



Name – Pavan Kalantri

School – St.Andrews

Feedback – RCA is a family of learning with innovation and conceptual understanding that takes place at every step, every stage, making an individual truly learned and independent.



NAME: Esha Agarwal

School: Chirec Public School

I am forever indebted to the entire faculty of RCA for giving me the right guidance and support, through this period of conditioned time, and helping me unlock this achievement!! 169 in CPT!!! 🙂 ✨

Thank you so much for this Rahul Sir, Ankita Ma’am, Ratna Ma’am and Naman Sir.



NAME: Vaishnavi Peri

School:  DAV Public School

“CA after BiPC????

Is it possible??? Are u sure??? ” ……………… and many more questions!!

But learning in a place like RCA and being taught by such lecturers – Everything is possible!!!

It wouldn’t have been possible without such an amazing team.

PS: I scored 164 in CPT.


Name: Mariya

College: St. Ann’s High School

RCA is the perfect place to join if one wants a proper understanding of all subjects and clarity of concepts along with constant motivation.The faculty at RCA makes sure that you don’t  have any doubt regarding the subject matter and their friendly approach encourages the students put forth their doubts and get proper explanation and clarity.Their method of teaching makes learning fun.

Rahul Sir teaches all the concepts of costing, FM and accounts really well and makes sure you have practice in all kinds of sums.

Ankita Ma’am-something that is really useful for theoretical subjects like the law is a constant revision which is focused upon by ma’am during the class hours itself.

Naman Sir-teaches tax and has an excellent way of explaining the subject and the logic behind it.

Rishabh Sir-has his own amazing method and strategy of teaching audit and strategic management i.e, through all the practical experiences and examples which makes the subjects really interesting.

Apart from all this RCA makes sure that you have a really good practice of writing the exams by conducting a  number of subject-wise mock tests and they also guide the students as to how answers are to be written and presented and what is expected out of them while writing the answers.

Overall RCA is the best place to take your steps towards a successful career in this field.



Name – Vedant Jobanputra

School- P.Obul Reddy Public School

Rahul’s CA academy has instilled in me, the confidence to become a successful chartered accountant. I credit my success in the CPT exam entirely to the institute. The pedagogy offered by the institute is unmatched. On time syllabus completion, practical approach towards the concept is few of the innumerable perks of the institution. The professional approach of the faculty ensures that no doubt remains unsolved. I feel proud to be a student at this institute.



Name: Sruthi Nagarajan

School: P. Obul Reddy Public School

College: St. Francis Degree College

RCA has been and will continue to be an amazing experience for me. My clear understanding of the subjects is completely attributed to the friendly and approachable faculty. They make sure that every student understands the concept and only then move forward. The concepts that I’ve learnt here will no doubt stay with me throughout my life and their constant motivation will not only help me become a successful Chartered accountant but will also help me in my future endeavours.



Name: Shaswat Kanodia

School: Bishop Cotton Boy’s School (Banglore)

RCA was a stepping stone for me, both academically and personally. It gives every student an opportunity to do their best, irrespective of their knowledge base at the beginning, being provided with immense conceptual Knowledge and guidance. Learning from Rahul Sir was one of the best experiences. My time at RCA felt tailor-made for my needs and It helped me excel to my best. I surely know, I will come back to it at every instance possible.



Name: Aashrith Sudheendra V

School: P. Obul Reddy Public School

Rahul’s CA Academy has amazing faculty who are friendly and interactive. They concentrate on conceptual teaching which helps us to understand all the subjects with ease. The faculty makes sure that there aren’t any doubts regarding any of the subjects and clarifies them at any time. They constantly motivate us and give us practical and real insights from the viewpoint of a Chartered Accountant!


Name: Saisree

School: Gitanjali

RCA is a perfect place where we get the right direction throughout the CA course not just for clearing exam but also for gaining practical knowledge. Lecturers here are very student friendly and are readily available at all time. Every subject here is explained to us in a logical manner which helps us to relate better and retain the same for a longer time. In short its a perfect place to purse CA curriculum.