We are here to guide you through all that it takes to prefix 'CA' to your name. We look forward for a bright career for you and aim at providing you the best of teaching facilities.

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Name: Mariya                             College: St. Ann's High School

RCA is the perfect place to join if one wants proper understanding of all subjects and clarity  of concepts along with constant motivation.The faculty at RCA makes sure that you don't  have any doubt regarding the subject matter and their friendly approach encourages the students  put forth their doubts and get proper explanation and clarity.Their method of teaching makes learning fun.

Rahul Sir teaches all the concepts of costing,fm and accounts really well and makes sure you have practice in all kinds of sums.

Ankita Ma'am-something that is really useful for theoretical subjects like law is constant revision which is focused upon by ma'am during the class hours itself.

Naman Sir-teaches tax and has an excellent way of explaining the subject and the logic behind it.

Rishabh Sir-has his own amazing method and strategy of teaching audit and strategic management,i.e,through all the practical experiences and examples which makes the subjects really interesting.

Surabhi Ma'am has a unique way of explaining information technology through diagrams and charts so that it is simple to understand and remember.

Apart from all this RCA makes sure that you have really good practice of writing the exams by conducting a  number of subject wise mock tests and they also guide the students as to how answers are to be written and presented and what is expected out of them while writing the answers.

Overall RCA is the best place to take your steps towards a successful career in this field.

NAME: Subbu Vutla – CA IPCC All India 14th Rank, May 2014
School / College: P. Obul Reddy School

Rahul sir's approach to the subject is quite unique, which perhaps, you may not see anywhere else. We have always wondered how he manages to make the toughest subjects so simple for us, that you start enjoying practicing them. His readiness to solve our doubts anytime stands as a testimony to his commitment to teaching. Being the best himself, he tries to bring out the best in each one of us, inspiring us to work to our fullest potential right from day one. More than a lecturer, he is a friend who guides us, who can change our attitude towards the course.
P.S: I can only describe the teacher in him, because I have no words to describe what a genius he is. I am sure, you wouldn't too if you have seen him teach.

NAME: Puneet Gupta – All India 5th Rank, CA- Final May 2014
School / College : LFJC 

Just 3 phrases can describe CA Rahul Jain's classes for me..
I learnt (not just the subject but the skill and attitude to approach it)
I enjoyed ;)
I succeeded (SFM and AMA being two of the best subjects on my score sheet)                             #forevergrateful

NAME: Khushboo Balani – CA IPCC All India 4Th Rank, May 2014
School/ College: St. Ann’s High School

Rahul Sir - An amazing teacher whose entire focus is to get the concept right. If Rahul sir is the teacher, then no doubt the concept shall be clear. A teacher easily approachable for doubts, no matter how silly they are. No student of his will find a subject uninteresting, such is his teaching. A great teacher and a really good inspiration for students.

NAME: Yagna Agarwal
School/College: Oakridge International School

At the outset, CA felt extremely intimidating, and I was frankly scared. But, when I embarked on the 4 month journey of learning, it was a similar to an experience of eating marshmallows; simply amazing. (Yum..)
Why? Simple, because the so called teachers here, treat you as family. They combine knowledge coated in humour and serve it with a topping of love. (Fab Taste, I've tried it :P)
I cant thank Rahul sir, Ankita ma'am, Naman Sir & Ratna maam, for how much they have given to me, to achieve a good score in my CPT exam@184. 
Thanks a lot for your love and affection!

NAME: Esha Agarwal
School/College: Chirec Public School

I am forever indebted to the entire faculty of RCA for giving me the right guidance and support, through this period of conditioned time, and helping me unlock this achievement!! 169 in CPT!!! :) ✨ 
Thank you so much for this Rahul Sir,Ankita Ma'am, Ratna Ma'am and Naman Sir.

NAME: Vaishnavi Peri
School/College: DAV Public School

"CA after BiPC????
Is it possible??? Are u sure??? " .................. and many more questions!! 
But learning in a place like RCA and being taught by such amazing people Rahul sir, Ankita ma'am, Naman sir and Ratna ma'am - Everything is possible!!! 
Thanks a ton!! I couldn't make it without u all :) :)
PS : I scored 164

NAME: Pavan Kalantri
School/college : St. Andrews 

The one, all new subject that we never had prior to the CPT level, had been given a great foundation by Ankita Ma'am who used all relatively recent situations and examples which we could relate and understand the basic principles hence strengthening our concept and helping us deal with any situation asked. Also because of her friendly nature we were able to communicate to her without any hesitation which made professor-student relationship stronger. 

NAME: K. Chandrika
School/ College: DAV Public School

Ankita Ma’am is a teacher who devotes a great amount of personal effort and interest towards every batch. Her teaching style is unique and her methods prove to be very effective. Her examples and anecdotes are quite relatable and thus, make it easy for us to remember important points from the topics. She made the subject an easy affair.

Above all, she is receptive to comments and suggestions about her classes although it is known that her finesse in the subject is beyond match. In that regard, I respect her for the ways in which she has responded positively to all of my doubts in the classroom as well as in less formal settings (Whatsapp/Facebook). Although it was a matter of only 5 months, the inspiration she instilled will last forever.
Thus, it would be very apt to say that “Experience is the best teacher, BUT, Having her as my teacher was the best Experience.”

NAME: Ekta Tikyani
School/ College: St. Ann’s High School

CA Rahul Jain, Manifestation of fine teaching.  A lecturer who induces passion and incentives thereby making the subject interesting and fun loving. Doubtlessly unbeatable in the subjects taken up by him. A perfect inspiration for all the students pursuing Chartered Accountancy.

NAME: Pooja Jain 
School/College: St. Ann's High School

Costing&FM - The subjects i love the most. Thanks to Rahul Sir for making the classes so interesting. One thing is guaranteed - "CONCEPTUAL CLARITY". What he teaches will help you improve your concepts, not just during the classes, but beyond. Rahul Sir is inspiring, he knows how to teach, he knows his subject and he cares about the success of his students. From getting a rank, to making students get a rank, Rahul Sir is a perfect role model.